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Celebrations are fun and should be pleasing.
During weakness another takes responsibility,
beyond expectations, beyond possibilities.
Forgiveness and sacrifice should be selfless,
no jealousy should be known for successes.

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By: Cosima (Angelia Brown)

$ 2.99 (Kindle Edition)

Angelia Brown (Cosima)

I’m just an ordinary person with an extraordinary gift of life filled with designs of light and darkness essentials that have both stained me and protected me, made me happy and made me sad. I am an African American Chicagoan, grew up here and have lived here all of my life.  I promised God that all God has allowed me to experience in this life I would find a way to share it with the world, with anyone that is willing to read about it.

I will give you a complete account of the ways I’ve learned to expound these actual teachings of Cosima -she is the explorer of the truth, the master-builder of human happiness.
Chelsea Islan
Cosima says – Though there are no ready-made parents, I begin to merge
another journey into my present road to destiny. and I agree completely.
Brian lemington
Lead Manager

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