Hit & Runs

Hit and runs are usually done by game-runner’s and jerks.
Take a piece out of your life and runaway is how it works.
If they should come back, broken is what they will sometimes find.
So don’t make a hit and run one of your favorite tricks of the mind.

They may not be sure it’s in your plan to do a hit and run,
but a temporary attraction of that sort can’t be that much fun,
because later on, in a certain kind of way, it’s you feeling cheap,
no matter how much active pleasure you got out of an attractive treat.

There’s much more to anyone’s personality one should get to know.
Don’t treat it like you’re eager to see a concert and see half the show.
Serious or not, that’s what a hit and run performance is like.
It’s better to befriend a person that becomes any portion of your life.

Try and build something unique and special without jumping too far ahead.
Tactfulness is a pleasure dealing with anyone you’d like to bed.
Artistic attractions, special events, and deep conversations can grow,
a better stage of thoughts and feelings, no matter what direction it goes.

Hold on to some pride for both, and a lot of relative respects.
No matter how much you’re attracted to each other, or how you met.
Leave each other with the impression you’re a classic to entertain,
to keep memories of wonderful thoughts should you cross paths again.

Author: Cosima

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