Hit It The Way You Get It

When I sing a melody from inside of me,
I may not have heard before,
but it’s sounding beautiful while I sing,
and it keeps coming the more,
I always like what’s happening,
when like this my voice comes out to play,
feels like it’s able to do anything,
and sometimes people will say,
what made you do it that way?
My reply seems to be always,
Sometimes you have to hit it, the way you get it,
leave it, then come back to hear it.
Like painting a picture,
not exactly knowing what your paint brush will do,
your just acting out instructions,
coming from inside of you.
So you hit it, the way you get,
Leave it, then come back to see it.
That’s what some people do, it’s just being you.

When I pick up my pen to write what’s in my head,
it could be two o’clock in the morning
while I’m still in bed,
Something is too heavy on my mind,
and I’ve got to write at that time,
don’t want to forget it, how I’m getting it,
may not remember it next time,
and I’ve got to get it out of my head,
got to do it while my thoughts are being fed,
So I hit it, the way I get it,
Leave it, then come back to see it.
That’s the way I see, and I’m just being me.

I’m not an actor, but I wonder if when they act,
if this principle is a practice of the same fact,
is it what motivate their moods,
does this happen to them too?
Is it then true with any art,
we apply from inside because that’s where it starts,
building a character in you, is not so hard to do,
if you want to play that part,
is it a natural work of art?
So you hit it, the way you get it.
Leave it then come back to see it.
Is it in the writer?
Is it in the dancer?
Is it in the fighter?
Musicians improvise.
Unique strategies of teaching,
is it in the holiness of preaching,
or a builder’s secret, from his eyes.
Is it true in any gift of art,
where it really starts, is to
hit it the way you get it,
leave it then come back to see it.

Author: Cosima

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