Heavenly Sent

It’s Historical that they came of free will,
for need of preventing flesh from its kill.
They came determined to give many a hand.
I hope and pray all will be able to understand.
The spirit that is richly motivating them,
must live among the diamonds and other gems,
because these are of the golden hearts,
having chosen the most difficult of healing arts.
They travel far with only one expectation,
to find results for all sickness relations.
So determined to reach prevention of cause,
My heart cries out to them with applause.
So different is their will of direction,
and the foundation of their hearts affection.
for this is a unique business of pleasure,
and not after finances of hierarchy treasures.
I believe their roots stems are from heaven,
and that the forces of Angels must guide them.
God has intervened on one of our world disasters,
this is a gift he gave to man to look after.
From his own intellect he gave man the will,
to make it difficult for flesh to be killed,
and the man made systems have sealed some doors.
So God has prepared Angels to do these chores.

Author: Cosima

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