Trying to play hate like it’s funny
may turn your dirt into an ugly muddy.
Don’t be so quick putting others down,
a hidden envy can easily be found.

Haters try harder not to hate
it exposes some of your identity.
It can make you appear pretty eager,
causing one to guess about reasons unseen.

Maybe it’s that haters keep company
with other haters and they all agree,
but the greater the hater, the deeper
into it won’t hide what can be seen.

Have you ever walked into a crowd
and sense and feel negative gossip
though nothing was said out loud
the atmosphere was thick with it.

At this point do you know your true self?
Have you faced the reasons in you?
Have you truly examined your own self,
when you feel the hate you do?

There’s more positive reward in inspiration,
though people dreams are not all the same.
Sharing with them some helpful information,
may kick that viscous hate out the game.

The power to choose is always in you,
you can then control painful words of hate.
You control your thoughts with good visions
it may force words of hate out of the way.

Remembering there is no one that’s perfect,
wrongs are negative actions that can hurt.
Though we may not notice our reflections,
such a deception won’t be no cleaner dirt.

Try not marinating with a lot of backstabbing,
feeding off everybody’s negative thoughts,
there’s many avenues of logical reasoning, that
cut through hate like destroying rotted cloth.

Hate is like a thread sewing together dark attributes,
It will not and has never been a friend of mankind.
We must examine what our ears and thoughts take in,
being responsible for what’s in our hearts and mind.

Author: Cosima

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