Got A Plan?

Some of the most successful families began with a plan.  I must admit though, it takes something solid to start with most of the time, to help it work.  Lets say a home with 5 children.  They all grow up with A’s and B’s, earn scholarships to avoid loans, make it through college, then are prepared to execute the plan (considering some things may have needed a bit of sacrifice along the way).  Meantime, part-time jobs and donations to repair property along with talents and carpentry skills, could have worked on building a stronger foundation of a home that was soon to be paid off.  One year later, the family paid it off, and new investments began.  Maybe more property, or for whatever skill, began the birth of a business.  Everyone’s credit is 100%, which continued to be a strong encouragement and sacrifice over the years.  How can too many things go wrong with a good plan?  Well, this is just one idea of a plan. Do we gather up to examine the minds of our family members to create a plan on time?  Maybe starting while children are young, showing them a little bit at a time, the burdens and challenges of the facts of survival and successes of lifestyles, may mold into the proper encouragement to stick to something.  I’ve seen it work in other families, but I don’t think this idea is shared much in the communities.  Wish my family new of a plan while I was growing up.  So I’m putting it out there to those who may have a chance at starting fresh.  Maybe someone’s got a plan to introduce to the family.  Call a family meeting.  Don’t hold back.  You might just all agree to stick together on something.

Author: Cosima

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