He say, she say, they say,
we say, say it, it’s gossip
can be very, very funny
can be worth a lot of money
you can laugh at your own stuff
others can’t laugh hard enough
It’s the fun part of gossip
that don’t bruise the slippery lips
See how gossip is, the gossip it is

Snap a picture, think it’s crazy
catch the classy being lazy
secret kissing not our business
spare the camera, spare the witness
just say you forgot to mention
know you avoided the attention
that would cause a lot of shame
and you’d be the one to blame
See how gossip is, the gossip it is

Watch it close, keep it special
know you trying to entertain
draw some limits, fix it up
don’t let a law suit call your bluff
be professional,  for good taste
none ashamed to show their face
try to let what’s nasty disappear
scratch the nasty, create no fears
See how gossip is, the gossip it is

Author: Cosima

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