Good People

All you good people that light up the world
smiling, pleasant greetings to boys and girls
a piece of grace glows from your face
you’re an entity to dominate the space
a prominence of warmth comes from you
though in your mind it’s only common to do
it’s like a moment you hold in place
a relief of pressure you can not trace
only between you and another face
you may not even know, wherever you go
Good people light up the world
sharing peace between boys and girls
many faces wear a sad or worried frame
their personalities may not be the same
they’ll look back at you and return a smile
and their worries disappeared for a while
see good people how you need to be around
and lift up a face stressful, lost and down
like refreshing a moment in their time
something positively lifting to their mind
to remember for the rest of the day
something kind and pleasant came their way
Good people light up the world

Author: Cosima

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