Going Forward

I often thought if God is leading us,
should I settle for just what comes my way,
but the things I’ve loved, I’ve reached out for,
and worked hard to be good at it everyday.
So I wondered if my determination was in God’s plan.
Is the right place at the right time where I stand,
and the things that happened bad, was it a test,
to keep me from being tempted too far from my best?
Not sure of myself I was bound someway to be fooled.
Not being very certain was really not so cool.
It’s one thing to think or even believe you’re smart,
and with enough knowledge to go after what’s in your heart.
But the pain of knowing that you’ve accepted the wrong bait,
makes something tentatively different out of making a mistake.
It’s almost like there’s two paths we must walk in life,
one of them leads us wrong, the other leads us right,
and one well known point we’ve all seemed to reach,
is when we pay attention not to trip over our own feet.
No matter how the road ahead may seem to lead to nowhere,
remember the red sea when the children of Israel got there.
They were afraid and complained and were a bit froward.
God told Moses to tell them thou sayest go forward.
I’ve thought of this many times to help strengthen my faith.

Author: Cosima

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