Giving Into Purpose Righteously Or….

It is known that oil and water don’t mix,
but without oil in the land would earth
be a different mix?

The footstool of labor feeds much to the top,
but when the footstool weakens will the
top eventually drop?

Living beyond needs from mass focused concentration,
only to struggle financially surviving the simplest
needs for situations.

Even proper diets advertised and scented around us,
teases our own abilities to our attending to
diet the way we must.

We grow as we fail, learning better to survive,
as opportunities rise and fall, the challenge is
to stay alive.

Trying to climb the ladder and the grip gets lost,
and the fall it causes us to take, is always a
tremendous cost.

Sum is, it’s money that is the ruler of evil works,
yet everyone’s needing it to survive, leaves greed
as the actual jerk.

Someone once said, “many people live beyond their means”.
If we crossed off the unneeded from our list, the lost
would be in jobs it seems.

To stop sucking the bottom dry, is obviously of no consequence,
until eventually it hits home to have to experience the
lifestyle of hierarchy diminished.

Soon we will find unity will be our one and only hope,
Sharing and caring at last, with one another, no
matter how broad the scope.

They say “the more things change, the more they stay the same”.
and for centuries many have struggled and died to
lift above the poor and poverty name.

For decades we’ve worked hard to help develop state of art growth,
while the slap back in the face continues to hold us back from
our own growth.

Electrical inventions, cars not needing gas, etc. seems forbidden.
Filed deeply away or trashed, or buried from being acknowledged,
as forgotten to be written.

A bit of selfish Intellect together can calculate negative reactions.
If intelligence is not divine intelligence it’s just clever
in its actions.

Peace & Grace People

Author: Cosima

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