For Yahweh “My God-My Elohim”

It seems throughout my life I’ve thought about you
When I wanted to give up on me, I couldn’t give up on you
When I didn’t care if I’d be able to succeed with my dreams
right then you added a miracle almost no one would believe
Too young to handle myself when emotions scattered my thoughts
Things that happen in childhood were not something children brought
You helped me escape some traumas being inside my dreams
having me play happily with Angels in a strange looking scene
A desolate place, a river, everything destroyed and broken down
My only thought was that it was once a beautiful town
The Angels played with me, they filled my heart with laughter
Too busy having a good time to remember your presence until after
Now when I look back I remember all the times you were there
should have made me feel special but I know you’re everywhere
Sometimes I had a witness that could prove a miracle was done
Even then when it was told, it was only believed by some
When I thought you’d chastise me because of the wrong choices I made
in my sorrow instead you showed me it was a better way
I remember the times you left me to waddle in my own stink
Even then your divine and precious love for me refuse to let me sink
It’s almost took me a lifetime to know why and what I’m to do
I should have known that the very moment I was certain about you
I love you Yahweh my heavenly Father for always remembering me
How do I tell the world you’re why and what we’re all here to see

Author: Cosima

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