Follow Your Dream

When you find it’s hard,
to follow your dream,
turn and put your faith in God,
no matter how hard it seems,
when it seems there’s no way in,
roads began to shape to make it happen,
all you need is patience, and readiness
so keep your eyes wide open.
Keep your skills sharpened with steadiness,
never letting go of your hope in
your dreams coming true,
what’s in your heart really matters to you.

When you find it’s hard
to follow your dream,
there will be words of inspiration,
along the way that will help stream,
better visions of direction, what is exception,
and the warning that seemed to jerk you back,
because of the lack of inspection.
Remember though against all the odds,
you’ve chosen to put your faith in God.
No matter that the journey seems long,
God’s timing is never, ever wrong,
and for good purpose, it will surface strong.

Follow your dream,
that wonderful thing you’d love to do.
You may not believe how much
that talent inside of you,
can give to a whole world,
that needs more positive realities
for the goods of life, follow your dream,
follow your dream.

Author: Cosima

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