Flight of a Dream

I soar in tears until my wings are wet,
and lifted am I above the dust that’s been swept,
swept but not unseen, yet feeling old to be told,
are the many left to suffer, may God bless their souls.
In the height of my vision I see through the abyss,
where hearts of few overly wealthy are stuck and fixed.
The winds are swirling people like falling through a shifter.
Only their spirits rise to one with power as their lifter,
from a beautiful planet, a world no one but God has made,
and man has spent centuries destroying man to control and take.
Had I never met my soul to experience some proof of spirit,
I would hardly comprehend the plan God has made to do with it.
Understanding suffering of the flesh are sins of the blood,
we must prove our love for all life to cipher out its good.
Unify to fight for fair survival for all mankind,
and my wings may then dry from the tears people are crying.

Author: Cosima

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