Flashlight In The Dark

I didn’t know I was lost,
couldn’t see either way,
wasn’t aware what blindness would cost me,
until the light flashed on that day.

It was never an actual place,
just more of a mental state,
that light flash was the Holy Spirit
to show me the way to grace.

I saw my actions rewinding,
I saw how darkness can be.
Even that I was in such darkness
was a sudden gut-dropping shock to me.

Were my eyes not always wide open,
is that something anyone can do?
We all blink, sleep, when light grows dim,
destroy, is what darkness tries on you.

Sometimes if we slip into the dark,
the flashlight allows us to see,
tempters surrounding us dreadfully, trying
to perform the works they really need.

We must keep our focus on the light,
where the good positive spirit is,
to be less dependent on a flashlight
we must stay focused on how we live.

Author: Cosima

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