I want to share this:  I used to look at fear like it was only a weakness, only a negative state of mind, a feeling from scary thoughts and imagination.  Now it reminds me of a double faced joker (don’t remember where I’ve seen a picture of that but it comes to mind when I think of how fear operates).  Both for you and against you, the aim is to pull you down, or out of the way.  Though out of the way can work.  There is certainly something in the dark to fear, which is what sparks our ability to be careful, alert, focused, cautious, aware, patient and quiet at times, and watching our backs.  Unfortunately, bravery does not equip us as much as faith does (try faith).  

One must always evaluate ones own motives though, it is so slippery to be negative regarding doubt and reason, and we don’t want to take that in the dark with us, it just provokes bad temptations, and tempters that feed it.  Whatever is in there should find no weakness, if motives are justifiable, in other words, it is best to refrain from what can cause useless battles.  Remember the words of Yahshua the Messiah (Jesus), whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also (Mat: 5:39)?  I know in these days that is not likely to happen, everybody’s impulse is too spontaneous.  It is the principle of the thing I’m speaking of.  Growing up I have many times turned away from nonsense, attitudes from bullies, bad moods, authority-cocky-power plays that embarrassed me in front of other people, and just being the punching bag for someone who need to vent (though I’ve had my limits with that one, dealing with it the right way; eliminating myself from bad company).  Better to keep company with positive people, who knows how to respect ones presence.  Being calm is not a weakness, it’s an act of total self-control.  

Be wise in tampering with things in which there is no idea what may become dangerously after the tampering of, basically just don’t.  I mean, hands off some things, especially dark things.  Why indulge?  Is life so boring what’s better than jumping in the water for a swim, is to challenge a swim in the quicksand?  Better still try challenging the cement, wouldn’t it be an extreme challenge to complete a full lap across before it gets hard?  Just kidding!  If you really need to fear something, if you really need to be afraid of something, fear Elohim (God), the creator of all things.  Maybe beginning there one can end up knowing divine power and love.

Author: Cosima

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