The spine that nourishes a whole family of minds.
The teachers whose words are as strong as preachers.
The discipline that guides through when, how, and to what to give in.
The bold that knits the family to a strong and powerful hold.
The knowledge that helps inspire all children through college.
The handyman that names the tools as they go into a child’s hands.
The mechanic that passes his talents to help maintain appliances.
The dedication to provide a healthy sheltered life of happiness.
The courage and inspiration that trains hard work to perfection.

These fathers are like the roof of the house,
and without the roof the house is open.
These fathers are who limit the art of speaking nonsense
when their young are influenced by what’s spoken.
These fathers are known to be the blanket of security,
and when they are home there’s completion in their surety.
Though children may not know how deep the father grows,
fathers have earned their respect and love by time of maturity.

No other man can take his place, or dominate his space.
His spirit is instilled by dependents with no bitter end.
Only he can reach deep into the hearts where it began.
Until the last breath he takes, in his family he is king.
Never doubt the power of fathers, every new births beginning.

Author: Cosima

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