Fantasies Of Devine Existence

Beyond the flesh is the Soul,
no known elements can control.
How is it then to always exists?
Exempt flesh, is there lesser risk?

When ocean whales ride the tide waves,
is this the chance they have to play?
Can the soul enjoy something like that
with no flesh to intervene such an act?

When an eagle flies above the storms
can we learn the strength of its wings?
Can we fly with him as fast as he flies,
can we feel the relief that it brings?

The sun, can we come so very close
and never feel the heat, how it burns?
Will souls be able to relax in Saturn’s rings,
and take a ride, not freezing, while it turns?

Can the black hole be as a highway
to take us closer to another destiny,
and Jupiter, can it be a comfort zone,
where souls can explore entirely?

Within all the arts of God’s lovely creation,
will we enjoy it like never before,
the galaxies, and stars, and constellations
seen from a distance that we’ve always adored?

Can we maneuver far and beyond through space
since eternity will exist at last?
Of course, never forgetting God’s everyplace
and life will no more have to past.

Author: Cosima

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