English & Speaking

I comprehend a reason the art of speaking has no place for English study for middle elementary and high schools is because present technology isn’t making room for it, as surely as drawing, dancing, sculpturing, singing, training of instruments-which are now limited, etc., has been deleted from some school programs.  But the art of speaking is  extraordinary, and attractive for both the speaker and the listener. It should be high-ranked in the field of communication.  Communication, also to me, should be an important section of the English class. Maybe in earning the respect of  technology of speech, children can reach a higher perception of their choice of words, and how they deliver them.  They may find a more competitive art to challenge in the field of communication, both in schools and on the streets, other than profanity.  Education can hold the ability to overpower a media of bad language.  Beginning at fourth grade, why can’t children learn how to face an audience?  There are exercises for pronunciation.  The educational system for English needs to re-think the process of developments for speaking, and what involves shaping it and holding a students interest.



Author: Cosima

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