Don’t You Dare!

Hate easy? Don’t you dare. It’s like a reasoning succulent that nurtures energy in the minus direction. Draining your positives into suspended animation while promoting all negatives, even a desire to hurt, and share it if you can. It is out of darkness very powerful, clever to tease and instigate, satisfying only to negative thoughts and emotions. It tries to inhabit our turfs by infiltrating through and about our weaknesses, mostly of fleshly and materialistic desires, especially by our inabilities to be selfless. Not being a friend to us, when its work is done, it intends to leave us broken, or destroyed in some ways. Hate don’t like you. Hate don’t use you to like. Hate don’t like at all. It does what it is, hate. Claiming it only invites it in. Don’t even pretend to make use of it. Don’t you dare.

Author: Cosima

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