Don’t Won’t Cry

I’ve cried enough for many should’ve cried tears.
I cried many rains in only a segment of years.
Encouraged in my childhood not to, I wouldn’t cry,
I wouldn’t allow that water to drop from my eyes.

Some people cry easy for what they feel.
Some find the hurt that arise easy to kill.
They don’t want it, won’t have it, not ever.
Like keeping it inside is a lot more clever.

It takes a lot more courage to just let it out.
Like the release of a loud scream or vicious shout.
It’s not always so wise to keep it inside.
It will just find a place in your emotions to hide.

In time the many cries you’ve been storing there,
will break loose, uncontrollably, spilling anywhere,
and then it’s too easy releasing all those tears,
you’ve kept incarcerated for too many years.

No matter how old, be you woman or man,
some will never know what some understands.
That it’s not all so depressing to have a good cry.
Its relief is like freedom through the windows of eyes.
Like a cleansing of thought, a release from the heart,
away from you, what’s in those tears will depart,
making room for the next phase of relief to start,
so don’t cry, won’t cry just might not be very smart.

It’s the first thing we learn coming into this world
after the breath of life….mostly.

Author: Cosima

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