Don’t Slip Away

From warm into cold and in times in between.
I can’t believe how you can shift into being so mean.
I must find out, and you have to let me know,
the problem hiding in you, before I choose to go.

I’ve been passive and patient, and too kind,
trying not to let your mood swings poison my mind.
While my love is still so very strong for you,
I can’t tolerate experiencing more of what you do.

Don’t slip away in the middle
while I attempt confronting you.
Don’t want my thoughts twisting in riddles,
chasing ways you avoid the truth.
Don’t slip away.

I notice how bad you treat your friends.
One’s you’ve known so long since way back when.
Their visits keep on coming to the same old end.
Sooner or later your attitude attacks again.

What is it that really provokes that mood?
What’s putting the nasty into your attitude?
When it happens don’t you know it hurts me too?
Won’t you tell me what keeps bothering you?

And don’t slip away in the middle
the way you normally do.
Don’t twist my thoughts into riddles
chasing facts about the truth.
Don’t slip away.

Don’t slip away in the middle.
Won’t you give me a fair chance?
Avoid that strategy of riddles,
you’re good at blocking into trance.
Don’t slip away.

Don’t slip away in the middle.
It’s the last time I’ll give my all.
Don’t twist the facts into riddles,
our relationships going to fall.
Don’t slip away.

Author: Cosima

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