Don’t Sink

Please don’t sink into the creases of bad for so many years.
Rise from being captive under the so many shedding tears.
Don’t willingly drown into deception as like in quicksand.
Don’t ignore the offers for help reach out for a hand.
Hold close and dear the possibilities you may have left,
the talents, and desires, you hide deep within yourself.
Feel those ideas like wings taking off to leap into the sky.
You may soar into a direction passing the damaged life by.
Don’t sink, even out of darkness, some still have hope for you.
Some still love, admire, and think positive for you too.
You may not know all you haven’t vanished from their heart.
It’s because deception is busy trying to tear you apart.
At some point you may even feel you’re being pulled down.
It’s just those dark attributes wanting to keep you around.
It’s a big world, remember that, there’s someplace else to go,
another chance, another goal, a different direction to grow.

Author: Cosima

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