Don’t Let Affection Fade Into The Void

Touch me, hold me, and a kiss on the cheek or forehead doesn’t bother me.  Something more than a hand shake and a smile, something I can feel, is what I consider to be affection that is alive.

What have we done to affection?  Some men are afraid to embrace their sons, to allow the son to feel the strength of his father, the man.   People will think, must be gay – about people who are just real people, or, assume incest on such  men and women?  So what!  I’m sorry we have to be in recognition of such an imagination because sometimes it’s real, the world has brought many negative issues against affection, but until the dots line up, lets leave something of innocence to these actions.  I have embraced a gay man, loved his humor, and the way he made my heart feel.  I’ve seen straight men embrace him, kids, etc.  Children need to grow up unafraid of affection.  This is a phase of lifestyle which many have avoided tapping into, “the need to keep affection alive”.

When a woman kisses another woman on the cheek, or hug her in a way bosoms touch, what do people think?  So what, let them think it!  I have hugged women, yes I’ve felt their bosom, and didn’t get fleshly excited, I’ve kissed them on the cheeks, still do, especially aunts, sisters, and friends.  We can’t allow affection to grow cold, and ineffectual.  Love in so many ways have grown extremely lonely in our world already, conditional and limited. It’s like food for life, we need it, even those that pretend they don’t, which probably are not aware they’re capable of adding more cold to the ice.  Affection is a facet from love that adds something valuable of substance to relationships.  I don’t expect one to go kissing and hugging every unknown person they encounter, but if we can’t give to the people we love, those we look forward to valuable time within our lives, those we treasure for reasons others can never meet up to, friends and family, and those we offer it to appropriately just because we see they need it, it is as if we’re allowing affection to fade into the void.  How many times did your heart reach out on occasions affection was needed but your hands did not?  Didn’t you feel the void?

Author: Cosima

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