Don’t Kill Me

I’m certain it is our ignorance that leads us to the need to kill, because knowledge and intelligence is eternal, and endlessly depth filled.  Its abundance over our capacity of intellectual ability is even extremely more, than the equivalence that a whole human body is to one atom, and much more greater than a whole world of human minds has grown to from one Adam.

Don’t kill me, I’m a child of God, just like you.
You may not believe in God, but I’ve never seen God too.
I know Miracles are not sheer luck, but evidence God leaves with you.
Though we may not know it, God see’s everything we do.
I don’t want to see my life scribble away in a sudden moment,
while future is disappearing, along with the will to plan on it.
I don’t want the precious breath of life to be taken from me.
When I know God gave the breath of life to all of us free.
While you think you can walk away still breathing by his will,
and keep on living after taking my life, God has seen you kill.
God has seen murder smother flesh until the soul is freed,
like the life you’ll take upon yourself to kill away from me.
By the time your soul face God, I pray you have what you need.
Unlike you, God is forgiving, and merciful in his deeds.
The negative vengeance you easily do identifies evil in you.
Nobody’s perfect, but is responsible for what we choose to do.
Feet in hell before you feel the fire, was not God’s plan.
Better to discover God’s secrets he’s sharing with any woman and man,
that the ultimate sacrifice has already been made, forgiving all mankind.
Study your way into this blessing, and renew your confused mind.
For the many who are dying, everyone admits they truly see evil.
It’s been a long time acknowledging, now it stands strong and bold.
Proving its capabilities of power by actions we let manifest.
Shows you’re out of control, letting evil work using your flesh.
Rise to challenge that evil in you, God is still on your side.
You have until your last breath to beat it, with God as your guide.
If mistakes have made you believe you’re finished, that’s not exactly truth.
When you give yourself to God, he’s willing and ready to accept you.
So don’t kill, take back your will, and follow no one into the dark.
You may owe a favor here or there, but you owe no death due to part.

Author: Cosima

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