Don’t Be Fooled By The Bait

“I can stop if I want to”. Can you?
“I can stop when I’m ready to”. But will you?
“I can stop if I need to”. Really?
With God’s help. Because many educated,
professional, smart and simply strong knees
have bent to its pleasure of captivity,
difficult to stand firm and strong again, even
lost values in the process: For love of life,
when will you want to, will you ever actually
feel ready to, and why can’t you need to now
are the ultimate questions. Alcohol and drugs
have their own finish lines, their own stop
signs, and it is called “death” and “ailments”.
Earn back your love for your original you,
clean from any of it. It’s only a bait to
steer our hopes and dreams into a thick wooded,
cloudy maze of thoughts and expectations
while it narrows down the strength of our
flesh, and our ability of thinking. We’ve got
enough worries for survival, we should not want
to add attachments of this kind of baggage to
carry through it all. Don’t be fooled by the
bait. Experienced much, and I understand. May
God help us all to survive this attraction.

Author: Cosima

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