Domestic Violence

The light shineth in the darkness, and the darkness comprehended it not;  John 1:5.  Seek in the dark that light that will show you your true enemies, they that are not exposed because it’s too dark in there to identify.  Take a good look inside there, it’s like, how can they  notice you checking them out anyway, if the light is only your blessed vision?  Can evil really see good at work or is it too busy trying to find a way in through our weaknesses?  I don’t know how deep or broad such principles may go.  I do believe however, that it takes light to reveal what’s in the darkness.  The evil influences are like they which roam the back of the stage behind the curtains of our psyche trying also to prep some hidden negative emotions, like a veil covering the operations of performances that are about to surface. They may appear hidden within the contents of your thoughts and emotions, until they creep into affect. Though there may not always be a presence also in the audience, like your ordinary viewers of who’s watching the performance in wait, and who’s presence may be those most likely to be instigations or critique ideas that try to suggest to you what actions to take that will only provoke particular attitudes.  All of this is happening while you continue to battle negatives and positives endlessly within.  I’ve seen this accelerate into: the pressing threats of fire, appearing to be popping like irritating fireworks inside the head, preparing to explode into something larger while affecting you like a headache, feeding you such violent ideas because of remnants of hurts and disappointments undealt with, like open wounds, and the heated emotions seem to be trying to break through some kind of dam or wall of it’s withholdings, until the cracking began to leak an overflow of  what may feel as comfortable as water because of the pleasure of release,  but is  hot as lava, ready to help burst out into fervent heat and damage something……..don’t you hit her……..and, or don’t you hit him……stop provoking one another.  Stop that !  Take better control of possible domestic violence.  No your true enemies within.

Author: Cosima

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