Ever Examine Ones Own Anger?

Did it seem as though you embraced it like a dear friend, while it embraced you back like a cuddling snake squeezing every bit of your peace of mind to the smallest particle of your limit of patience, compelling and keeping you competing as to win a battle?  Didn’t notice how it was previously stalking your thoughts did you, getting stronger by your weaknesses, waiting for even a portion of a second you are about to loose control to make it’s entry and take over the throne of your vessel and perform with a burst of determination, corruption?  Beware as even a puncture of hate sits subtle, waiting for a moment it can fit in the system of things.  This however, is more like seeing it in slow motion.  Can you even imagine this in its spontaneous formation.  Turn your eyes around to see inside you, look at your company sometimes and consider this:  anger, hate, violence, madness, vengeance, or backstabbing, has never been a friend to mankind. 

Author: Cosima

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