Did God Send Me One Of His Angels?

It was such a pleasure to meet you,
an unexpected memorial momentum.
It was like a hypnotic journey through
answering questions by unfamiliar lessons.
Did God send me one of his Angels to talk to,
at a time I had to ease my mind,
to prep me before I make the next move,
on my way to this destiny of mine?

What a very powerful presence you are,
you brought the bright of day with you,
as if it were night you’d appear as a star,
and a peaceful energy penetrates me from you.
Did God send me one of his Angels to listen
to properly sort and unravel my thoughts?
A voice so clear as it spoke that it glistened,
and I could understand clearly what it brought.

It brought love, it brought compassion,
and encouragement to endure until the end.
It brought determination to take action
to assist the suffering of family and friends.
It brought a glowing light to remain in my eyes.
to stay as a reminder of words of the wise.
Did God send me one of his Angels to lighten the burden
that puts heavy weight on the efforts of learning?

The message was very clear, to move forward.
I also felt it would always be there,
and the potent desire in it to be helpful
was sharing with me the armor I need to wear.
Did God send me one of his Angels, to give me strength,
and the kind of encouragement I need to work with?
It’s so important that every day I open my eyes,
I rise with the power of light inside my mind.

Than you God
Peace & Grace

Author: Cosima

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