A manipulate kind of creeping emotion of wonderful feelings,
warm to the flesh, tender to the touch, and very appealing.
One of loves depths of the many potent treasures,
or an act of peeking into Pandora’s box of pleasures.
A subtle thought of imagination can perk its attention,
reproduction’s caption of hormones goes loose in the system.
This combination of art is not abstract to our being,
can be brainwashed, provocative and tempting to our seeing,
unless it too pre-ordain the offspring that is to come,
how extremely powerful it is, when you look at everyone.
For her a cycle goes into heat for the time of reproducing,
for him always ready, prepared to respond to his choosing.
What an extraordinary combination to the art of this creation,
and the release of stress and tension following relaxation.
One would have to realize how we owe love much respect,
if we keep it in perspective we’d appreciate more what we get.
Desire should be as good as it appeals, empty of doubt,
to fulfill its entire purpose, is what desire is all about.

Author: Cosima

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