Dear Love

Dear love, I rest peacefully in your arms, with no need to be alarmed
awaking so happy to cook breakfast for two
we confabulate important matters, sharing a morning of laughter, and
before we’re off we kiss peacefully as lovers do
then later in the day, you crossed paths my way
though you’re not usually on my side of town
the closer I came, I couldn’t help but feel, you about to let me down
I saw her hand in your hand, what it look like, I couldn’t understand
until just a few feet away, I heard you say, I love you, to another girl
When did I disappear from your world
I felt like running, but my legs wouldn’t move
and then you turned around and saw me too
the look in your face, said you didn’t know what to do
but I believe what I felt, was your heart when it fell
feeling guilty of hurting my portion that was still inside of you
When did I disappear from your world
How can it be so easy to be seen with another girl
If only a sign could have been placed in my mind
I wouldn’t feel so permanently stuck to the floor
I could move on through my day, understanding a little
how things turned out this way
but when did I disappear from your world

Author: Cosima

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