Dear Heavenly Father

All of my senses spark perpetually with a tremble
as I look at the world,
at the truth about its history in a man eat man
viscously endless swirl,
how the same cycle has been spinning through time
yet in different manifestations,
affecting the joy of life in those struggling from
generations through generations.
Those who believe you only blessed and appointed them
to gain and control while many suffer,
are like locust who’ll eat all the goods of the earth
leaving damage to be fixed by another.
How do they laugh at their power, ignoring the pains
of many, even a starving child,
while behind their faces they are the true enemy
in force for an exalted lifestyle.
Life itself is still appreciated by all, though
many still wonder how it all came about,
and while they wonder they dream a time will come
when what devours the joy of it is plucked out.
They who fought hard for the fairness of survival
could only see there was no other choice,
because those who make rules that keep them on top
keep closing their ears to the peoples voice.
Dear Heavenly Father I’d like to imagine heaven is
open for eternal rewards and it’s at hand,
but the continuing struggle to survive, millions
are finding it’s more than they can stand.
There is only a few exalted so high all they have
to worry about is a great fall,
from the top of the pyramid down to the bottom
where their rise was supported by all.
Please don’t get me wrong for there are many stages
in life where monetary gains remain just,
and we’re happy to have such a hope in our eyes
that feeds moving forward as our must.
Now in these days it’s now obvious to many exactly
who it was that heaven sent,
all exposed and boldly in our faces, they who cause
suffering had to miss to whom it was meant.

Author: Cosima

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