Dark Business

Darkness is in business for always conjuring up negative STUFF
Like getting caught up in a bunch of wire, that’s tough in the rough
The scars won’t be so physical, but it cataract good thoughts
while feelings are complicated to be positive because of faults
Why pretend when we do wrong, we’re not also punishing ourselves
Like a continuing pulse our bads are beating in our inner selves
Darkness is no fun, but very many choose it’s playground
It must be that urge inside of us always poking around
Born with knowledge of good and evil, tempted by both
Why is darkness so attractive by many and dominate us so
Is the art of beauty its power of entertainment so attractive
So natural in us that we feel good promoting its actions
It’s time we check into this business and blot it all out
We have the power to change, to see what the light is all about

Author: Cosima

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