Forget about the neighbors business and who’s doing who whatever because….  Stop settling for the UFO’s theories, and evolution. Look at your human body.  It’s a marvelous thing.  There are nine systems to every human body. Do you know what they all are? Your own body, what do you know about it?  So you took it up in school?  Science class maybe?  Have you forgotten the details.  When I had an endoscopy and colonoscopy test done I got the pictures back and they were huge copies, as I viewed them I thought, how amazing my inner parts are.  They looked fresh and healthy, though I had a few problems.  Immediately I thought about God, God did this, what a great creator.  Don’t wait until you get to school, visit a library, look it up in the internet, read all you can about you by your own encouragement of curiosity.  Be curious.  Especially if you’re young, you’ve got time, and if you’re not young, but older, you’ve probably accomplished enough in life to be able to make the time to do it. Did you know you’re not just human, you are soul and spirit too. They say “Spirit, Mind, and Body” is what we are made of.   What questions are filling the young minds today? If there was nothing else in this world to be concerned about the average human being should be curious about self, I can’t imagine who shouldn’t be.  It would make an interesting conversation.  Oh, and are you familiar with the nine electromagnetic waves?  One thing a time, ok, interesting research though.

Author: Cosima

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