Cops on Blacks

There seems to be a blindness on the principle needs of death and protection.   Wouldn’t the devil just love it, if there’d be a wall built between our race killing their own combined with our race’s hate on cops for their abuse on blacks on one side, against, the need to depend on these cops for protection from our own race of murderers, with the cops dedication to their purpose and their attention to it, diminished by us, when we know we need them, on the other side.  Even though I know it is as if there’s a dedication for blacks killing people,  that causes cops to be afraid and intense in their reactions.  These murders that are happening has taken a toll on all of us, and people across America and other countries are all watching this.  There is a definite need to adjust, improving tactics that meet up to the impact in the growth of crimes, which has grown ridiculously, and doesn’t seem to be stopping, also causing a new era for the pressure mentally and emotionally that can be affecting cops.  Living in darkness has a definite dim on the light of things.  I understand and agree with the effort behind the protest with our people against police brutality on blacks, which has been happening in somewhat different aspects of approaches, and it is serious, but, I could respect it a lot better when those who still have enough respect for life, their own and others, put away their guns, get off the drugs, alcohol, and negative influences that feed into and provoke such actions, stop using children to help punish their victims, stop taking chances that they will hit their target without hurting or killing the innocent, maintain a more positive attitude for life than that vicious temperament of hate and who does the toughest vengeance, that only appear to service the evil of the devil.  My people need to stop being the capital race of self afflicting crimes, killing their own.  That will cease the so much attention from cops in our communities at last.  Fact is, they wouldn’t be in our company so much anyway, if there were no crimes being committed. 

Author: Cosima

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