Company We Keep

When you’re around associates full of criticism and hate,
don’t wait to find out it’s not good company too late.
Surely their negative opinionated ways may be already people-tagged,
if they dislike anything you do, you may be another punching bag.
Being friendly with the wrong kind of people may keep you down.
Always sharing something negative to feed on when you’re around.
Even some invitations may need to be rejected or refused.
It’s possible your invite may be wrongfully misused.
Some people are just not good people in too many ways.
Though they be entertaining actors and crafty in what they say.
Even if what’s negative about their practice isn’t about you,
be careful to take part in the things they say and do.
It’s easy to get caught up in the habit of bad company,
We should make smart choices of the company we keep.

Seek out the company that don’t usually darken your day.
Befriend someone with inspirational and dedicated ways.
Encouraging practices share more positive energy,
feeding good thoughts and feelings to anyone’s needs.
Even if you’re presently in a down kind of mood,
the positive energy they accelerate may change you.
Many who try hard to be in the company of good attitude,
understand the important trend how good energy is used.
Those who know how to relate and take and don’t give back,
should check their emotional state, and where their head is at.
Joyful personalities can certainly attract people that’s down.
Hopefully they don’t drain all of where it’s coming from.
Some people can be powerful in their negative attitude,
and simmer the flow of happiness that was processing good news.
I believe if we’re all cognizant to these realities,
we’d better situate ourselves around the company we need.

Author: Cosima

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