I am not a seed that was planted in this creation
free of undamaged roots.

I have not grown without strong stems of consciousness
I’d rather not remember but can’t sever myself away

Though I have eventually risen to face the light I have
not blossomed total perfection.

Pebbles have fallen like losing pieces of myself through
experiences I failed the mission of.

One might try to imagine, where has God been? Well, God
has been with me, seen everything, blessing us all with
the power of choice.

I can remember times I had fallen and God lifted me to
continue moving forward, though my baggage of injuries
weighed much heavier a load.

The hardest thing I found in life so far to deal with
emotionally is disappointing other people. Hurt comes
in many forms, but it still hurts.

Gifted me, God did, with many talents, but the most
valuable was with a child, to help me understand
unconditional loves treasures and sacrifices.

Though there are no ready-made parents, I begin to merge
another journey into my present road to destiny.

The seed I blossomed from has lead me through the light
and the darkness into a fused world of goods and evils now
with the responsibility of two lives.

God is still the ultimate Father for the both of us, and
God did not blind me from the moments he stepped in and
helped, which a lot of it is mentioned in my posts.

We should share our stories with family, friends and
neighbors, close and abroad. How common are we? Life’s
experiences is how we need each other. Not phony or so
dressed up and polished, but sometimes raw, not leaving
out some kinks, maybe entertaining, but most of all truthful.

I love my life, it’s the one I know best. I love it as
many know to love living, simply because no one is familiar
with death enough to compare.

We have to be in this creation together. Let us choose to
live as happy as can be done and try much harder to keep
from hurting one another to allow it to happen for us all.

I believe in the innocence of simplicity, because I believe
it to be allegorical to the basis of intelligence, which
to me is common sense. Have some of us exalted to high we’ve
forgotten to value what is simple?

Author: Cosima

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