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Throughout this blog in my writings you may have read the use of the name “Yahweh” several times. This is the name I personally deem formal in relating to God for more than thirty years now.  Can’t abandon it and couldn’t want to, so at times I feel like being formal.  I first became aware of it while studying at a school of biblical research. I had no idea of it before then.  I came also to realize that many who have chosen to believe the name they accept, is for the same basic reason, due to their own research and beliefs, and there really are some different names.  People choose what they want for whatever reasons they deem it worthy.  I have two reasons to have kept Yahweh close to heart and above all others, although there be several  experiences that encourage that keep, these two stand strong that I care to share:

First – After a deep conversation and a bit of debate about the names of God, one summer day at the park, between another African American friend and three African American male strangers, my friend reminded us we were in the park across the street directly from a huge library.  She then suggested we go look it up, do some research, and we all agreed to go do it.  After we got in, everybody sought out a book they believed would support their understanding, and we began negotiating some positives and negatives, or rather the closest information to fact, and just what was too much theory.  I chose the book of “Encyclopedia of Names of God”, before this day I never knew such a book existed.  It was full of information.  It even showed dates certain letters came into our alphabet, dates of trades of letters and with whom.  The important part was what I read when I looked up the name Yahweh, it said “the Hebrews believed that all that Yahweh is, is in his name.”  That may not mean much to you, but as I read it, I felt it.  It sink deeply into me, as if it intended to find a permanent spot to stay.  After sharing it with the group, everybody kind of stood still and quiet.  I can’t tell you what was going on inside of them, I can only speak for myself,  and yes it is stored in a special spot, an unmovable one.

Second – One very early morning on a hot summer day, just as the sun had risen, it was humid and stuffy in my bedroom and I heard the wind blowing strong outside, even against my window.  I looked out of the window, it appeared like it was going be a beautiful day, so I cleaned myself up and dressed comfortably to sit out on the front porch for some of that cool breeze.  The air was clean and so fresh that morning.  I picked a good spot to sit down on and leaned back and began to take in deep breaths, and after a while I thought I was hearing echo’s, sounded just like me breathing, so I paid attention to listen, still taking in deep breaths, then I noticed it was the wind blowing through the trees.  I looked up at the trees, and the wind was so strong they were all blowing in the same direction, then back the other way, and again, and with the movement I could hear whispers, almost like voices.  It was a long Yah and then a long weh, of course it may have seemed like just my imagination but as the wind got stronger, so did the whispers. My breaths and the trees breathing were making the same sounds.  Though of course the trees were much louder, and they were praising God’s name.  It’s as if God wanted to make that clear for me.  There wasn’t much noise happening to distract the sounds, I guess I was up too early for most, nobody was out yet.  It was just me and the trees sharing the breath of life in the name of Yahweh, so clean, clear, and obvious.  Wouldn’t trade that out of my life for a million dollars.  It was between God and me.

Yahweh’s glory falls short nowhere in his creation, from many forms of life, or maybe except of mankind, but only by a lack of knowledge, I believe.  Maybe people just don’t notice that. The terms he, or his, or him, or even he and she, all are just figures of speech, some symbol of God’s origin of portions.  Above all of this I know of something to be truth, God knows when your heart is reaching out to him.  I know this because I’ve spoken to God mostly all my life, even before I knew the name Yahweh, and he has been here for me on several occasions.  If I am so blessed, so are you, because I’m nowhere near perfect, and God has never turned his back to me in my time of need, that I can remember.  No matter what choice of name, even using no name at all, just using the title God as the position of God’s status is reachable from the heart and mind.  As the scripture says, “God is a spirit, and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.” John 4:24    Peace People.

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