Chin Up

Chin up, move forward, don’t you dare turn around.
Don’t make reasons for failure to keep you bound.
Don’t stop dreaming now what you’ve dreamed most of your life,
to change to another just because things seemed uptight.
One thing is certain and I know this to be true.
Once the bad part is over you only gave up on you.
Don’t let your talent only exist in a thoughtful glare of stare.
Seek to fulfill your dream, and do it like you really care.
You may not believe in time what chances can actually happen.
A door may open that you’ll be glad you became captive in,
now you’re working on your talent without a thought of giving up,
seeing life is full of chances unseen so again your is chin up.
Forward needs to be the arrow of direction you can’t stop seeing,
even if challenges continue to be as hard as they seem.
Though sometimes life’s conditions can cause a total breakdown,
something replaces that emptiness, like a new treasure found.
Yes it can appear broad and evident for you to see.
It’s not a new beginning, so chin up, back on your feet.
Many of us have more talents than we put energy into.
No matter what you try and fail, another chance can happen for you.

Author: Cosima

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