Been different sorts of personalities on and off
throughout your lifetime?
Could it have been through many trials and errors,
and who’s fault it was at the time?
From bad to worst things that happened I wouldn’t
want to really blame anyone.
We were all innocent to do wrongs just out of the
ignorance of experience, and having fun.
Mischievously talented and with the abilities to
design it all quite artfully.
The charisma of classy showmanship during my time
was presented remarkably.
Yet it was the simple things we should have known
not to try and do.
To assume the unusual outcome would happen made
fools out of us too.
We tried many ways to accept and admit our flaws,
attempting to apply ourselves better.
Though habits can be hard work to change when
very many efforts involved matters.
So we focused on a few areas at a time, reminded,
being aware something remained.
Until the good work of refinement enhanced delightfully,
compelling us to add to the chain.
Pushing aside those chain of events, leaving behind
to never do anymore.
We’re going to grow up and become more responsible, so
we sealed shut those doors.
Many of us today have stayed close and forgiving for
the value of enduring friends.
We can all look back into our lives together and say, I
remember when……….

Author: Cosima

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