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Don’t know how many more different ways to put it, it is being done every day by many, in so many ways, but nothing speaks louder than experience. How that we are not separate from God. Every piece of knowledge of all minds, every thought of creativity, every feeling of warmth from affection and love, whether in excitement or sorrow, every challenge and triumph of sports, arts, music, every impulse of a need to know things, grow things, invent, create, build, even the need to further succeed where many started and it’s still open to go beyond, including the survival under extraordinary circumstances, and do consider the miracles, all comes out of the body of God. Our minute portion per person is so evidently powerful that it defines what it takes to acknowledge there is some point of origin that must be eternally magnificent.

For the many that can’t believe there is a God, their reasoning be it “how would he allow this torture, pain, and death”, or “UFO sightings are more believable”, or “this creation is something that just came about by evolution, the construction and reproduction of living cells processing the development of different organisms”, God have said, “we are without an excuse.” Think about that.

Fact is, we owe our souls, our spirit existence, a chance for eternity, to be at total peace and forever full of love and joy, due to one simple fact:  Flesh obviously don’t last and there are many experiences evident to spirit existing after flesh has parted.  Eternally?  Well, who would even care to imagine that being in any way unpleasant?

Author: Cosima

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