The power of Calm is smooth and attractive, closely related to peace,
grace, and patience
Make no mistake about its strength, it can quiet thunder to a silence
and dim lightning until it disappears as it causes the rain to dissipate,
though the ocean waves roughly seem to kiss the sky, when Calm controls the storm,
the winds settle to a freshness, the sky gives back a peaceful light,
and Calm causes the ocean to slow dance with the sky
The clouds gather to watch the show, as the stage lights comes from the sun
Its reflection sit inside the clouds illuminating light just a bit as a pretty
blue offers a magnificent background, and almost like glitter, light twinkles
on top of the ocean waters, leaving a scene we all only know as beautiful
Oh how powerful Calm is
Oh how attractive Calm can be
The dangerous sky and deadly waters can not be taken for granted
They are well respected
and so the power of Calm earns the same honors
even in the persona of man and woman

Author: Cosima

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