Broken Hearts

Shame, I believe in this world of extraordinary lives many hearts get broken.  Don’t let your heart be empty of love.  I know only God can truly completely fill that void.  We do however have the power to love.  Some broken hearts stay torn for a long time, acting out in ways of disdain or aloof applications.  Some move on as if they don’t really know how they hurt, and can just assume they can forget it, not aware that it’s capable of finding a little spot in the heart and mind where it will sit like a little bruise, and poke out into your life activities every now and then until it really heals.  Some don’t change much, but will try and dodge the possibilities of heartbreak ever happening again, working at being smarter.  Hopefully, they might be successful.  Then some learn how to develop a shield of protection by preventing hurt or pain from acting out its performance, holding it back evasively, passively, avoiding the tears of release, avoiding the anger of frustrated disappointment, believing it makes them stronger.  Sometimes it does make one stronger, but sometimes it maneuvers into other avenues of relationships, and that can vary depending on ones natural characteristics.  It really takes a strong, determined to love heart, to successfully come out of a broken heart situation.  Bad experiences will not cause many to stop loving, showing affection, and experiencing the pleasures of desire, and that is excellent!  When you have lived long enough to maybe have experienced all of the above, it is not so difficult to understand other people.  It’s not hard to understand why we need to learn how to stop hurting one another, while many know how they’ve come short of  respect of others feelings, and honesty, trust, and truth.   A broken heart is a sad thing, so why can’t one broken heart experienced and overcome not do it to another heart?  Why do we not learn from this?

Author: Cosima

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