Branded ?

With all those dominant words he had to say,
all during the gathering he kept looking my way.
After what seemed like such a disagreeable debate,
a peaceful note wouldn’t have been a moment to late.
Our eyes were locked tight as we boldly spoke,
the first time face to face, felt like a hard blow.
Stubbornly staying firm to his stone face attitude,
my straight up response too, seemed a bit rude.
We were two people getting strong points across,
leaving no thoughts disconnected to get lost.
The look was so serious our eyes wouldn’t blink,
and both our determined methods wouldn’t sink.
Later, still not knowing much about each other,
during the gathering we gently tolerated one another.
A time came when we were left in a room alone,
our eyes locked again, and a different vibe turned on.
Moving slowly he grabbed me and kissed me so deep,
I felt myself melt into him, and then I fell asleep.
I awoke to everyone in panic wondering what’s wrong,
didn’t remember falling asleep, just being turned on.
With a blushful glow in my face, I tried to turn away,
but he stayed glued to me the for rest of the day.
Strange that his presence now made me feel complete,
after he had kissed me like I was too sweet.
Want it to stop, but I don’t, and I’m not confused,
it’s never happened to me before, now I’m accused.
I can’t get mad, or upset, or sense any regret,
and can’t help thinking, the best hasn’t happened yet.
Though I’ve had to express, he has to slow down for me,
that’s not the way I feel inside, but it sure needs to be.
His response was clear and definite, I am for real,
he’s not backing down, or can change the way he feels.
He even admitted what’s happening, he did not expect,
but an exciting experience he is determined to get.
He has branded me with his presence.

Author: Cosima

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