Boy Or What?

Ever dream the same dream more than twice?  I can recall this one being exactly like that.  There is a boy about the age of twelve.  A woman who is not my real mother, but seem to be posing as my mother was also in this dream.  Myself, I am  a boy, about the same age as he.  It’s strange that I can’t remember anything actually being said in this dream.  But when I woke up, I remember this boy being too powerful to just be a kid.  He was more like a man with the strength of a dynamic tempter, I felt helpless in that he was powerfully leading me in a direction I was afraid to go.  The woman, my mother, was more like an Angel.  She was protecting me and she was kind of floating in the air, not fully on the ground, though she had no wings that I could see.   She kept coming between us, to keep him away from me, not letting him get too close, and he’d back up quite a bit.  Yet he was still convinced he could try and take control of me, because I couldn’t express enough control of myself to prevent it.  I wasn’t strong enough to get away from him.  My mother dominated the situation even more powerfully than I expected.  Something really frightened him off, and got him to leave.  As soon as he left there was a presence of peace in the atmosphere.  Seemed like the sun came out just then.  I was happy he was gone, and didn’t feel like I’d ever be threatened by him again.  I’ve dreamed this dream three or four times, same dream, over periods of a long time apart, never remembering what was said.  Who was this kid and what was it he really wanted?  Maybe I never need to know.   That was a dream, but was the Holy Spirit an Angel to me in reality protecting me from something?  Many thanks go to Yahshua the Messiah (Jesus).

Author: Cosima

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