Blind Sickness

Oh sadness, should I cover
my eyes while the place I
call home, grows vacant?

Should I open my blinds to
remind myself of those stuck
with me in complacent?

In a world of lifestyle where
money is a god and those without
enough are as cattle,

While the many who struggle, their
complaints go unrecognized leaving
survival their strongest battle.

The places where land has corrupted
into such waste used to be called the
place of home for many.

And they who are equipped to help
just blink and turn away with no
problem having plenty.

Oh heart how sadness surface so
often as the sickness of greed
keep shaping its forms.

How those in charge keep control
of draining water from dry rocks
like it’s the norm.

Tears! I won’t cry, though the
feeling is bound to leave hope
somewhat a little empty.

But I can no longer sit idly aside
while the need to do something
about it is boldly in me.

As I can see I’m not alone for there’s
many everywhere forming ways for
improvement to rise.

While irony in the determination to feed
greed is powerfully active and
magnificently disguised.

Purposely planning for the years to
come, remaining passive and evasive
to the lives being lost.

By cleverly climbing the ladder of
gains to be made, no matter the many
who can’t afford the cost.

How much is enough is the question
we’re all asking, will we every know,
will it ever show?

Or is this a bottomless pit that can
never be filled no matter how much
greed grows.

Author: Cosima

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