Believe This Man?

I didn’t plan to meet you
Didn’t even know how I would greet you
Didn’t expect that smile on my face
Didn’t expect to feel it’s out of place

I wonder, where is your girlfriend,
where is the one who has your heart,
or maybe you’re with your fiancée?
Oh, where’s the button that says restart?

Don’t this only happen to the man?
The attraction most women understand.
He’s the one to be most aggressive,
with pursuit that’s hard to be objective.

Suddenly I’m feeling drawn,
I don’t want to stop.
Curiosity in this alone,
is really freaking me out.
Got to turn away before I say,
something out of my mouth,
to make me feel bad,
leaving me feeling sad.

Wasn’t my plan to feel for you.
Couldn’t stop watching what you do,
couldn’t help but see you noticed,
how I kept you in my focus.

Where is your girlfriend,
where is the one who has your heart?
She could bring this to an end,
she could stop it before it starts.

Isn’t it the man to ask about a husband?
The man checks to see if you’re with anyone.
He’s the one to touch you by the hand,
He the one to make his move one on one.

Feeling drawn is now fading,
impossibilities of dating,
I can’t open my mouth,
but it’s still freaking me out.
Wow, here comes this man,
now he’s touching my hand,
while very gently he asked,
baby would you like to dance?

I’m not that girl who’s aggressive,
cause it really hurt’s to be rejected.
I can’t hide my feelings so well,
but I can keep quiet and never tell.

The dance is over now,
It’s time to sit down.
He’s seating next to me now,
my heart is pumping kind of wild.
Happy to be meeting with him.
I only hope he’s all the gem,
I want to believe he could be.
All that I am feeling,
I really want to believe.

Author: Cosima

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