Attitude Untamed

What is this about?  Think of it like attitude splattered, it’s untamed because of no by-logs of instruction on how to maintain the balances of good and bad feelings, blurting it out, like water it splatters and can easily turn cold, like into thin ice.  What happens when you decide to stand on thin ice?  Well, it will break, and you’ll go down, or something will go down, but it won’t be good.  Even good feelings can turn reactions negative if you have the attitude of an untamed heart and mind, a sarcasm attitude can provoke belligerence ending in no beneficial outcome. But you’re happy, just too snappy of a bad sense of humor.  Most people would say, it’s immaturity.  Problem is, a lot of these untamed attitudes are worn by influential people, bullies, those who like to take charge, leaders, and some that people fear.  I remember these kind back when I was in high school.  Oh we had some time to grow up, but youth today are in a hurry and operating with a very clumsy personality.  It takes time to get to being a better person of communication.  I think we call it growing up.  Moving forward in growth not sideways, or backward, just forward is where improvement develops.  Otherwise sideways, and backwards can only reward you a degree in sarcasm along with a hidden arrogance unseen until the wrong words pour out.  This is what prompts fighting, arguing, debating, basically war of the minds, and soon, of the weapons, because an attitude untamed and out of control may even move to retaliation or vengeance.  This is the dark cloud over much of our youth today.  They have no idea what it’s all made of, neither have they been able to stand still and take out the time to observe, evaluate and analyze the lifestyle they’re compelled by.  For be it as sure as sin, one day in their time of maturity they will look at themselves, even look back at their works in life, and they will have lived long, finding themselves not so appealing, not so pleased with what they’ve done.  Having no way to undo any of it, a struggle may begin inside themselves.  No it will not be over, a new phase, foreign ground, a new dwelling state of heart and mind they will grow to know and finally have to conquer, inside.  Maybe this is when they may reach for God’s help.  Who knows?

Every individual has a personality of something to admire.  Yes, this unique characterization is in us all.  We don’t all match with everybody though.  Fair enough.  No one can please every single person.  I know from experience some people just don’t want to like you, and they won’t, ever.  Shame we have that privilege opponent.  I personally refuse to exercise it.  I find it more pleasing and entertaining to accept the good I see, the creative I see, the talent I see, the individual beauty I see.  I look at the rest as if it can be improved and I try to be patient with it, giving no finality to thought.

Being a good listener is a gift.  Not many people do it well.  How I admire my nephew of this skill is perpetual.  I find it very attractive, in people.  I myself have taken a long journey to obtaining this talent, but surrounding myself with this kind, made it easily contagious.  It prohibits flared up attitudes happening from immediate miscomprehensions.  Giving people time to speak is an admirable art of patience and maturity.  Sometimes the need to get a point across may be generated from anger, disappointment, or confusion, and the person speaking is having trouble gathering their words.  Wait on them.  Don’t say “Oh just shut up”, it’s not appropriate, especially if it’s someone you have feelings for.  Let them get it all out.  Learn how to take it in and use it to examine yourself.  That’s respectful communicating, under pressure.  This happens with family members.  Friends who want to stay friends do it all the time.  It’s human for us to disappoint each other from time to time.  Nobody’s perfect. 

These turmoil’s of attitude that cause insignificant outbreaks between people are not healthy for the human body, mind, emotion, or spirit.  Tension is no friend to the human body.  Stress can cause anxiety attacks.  Arguing perks up all that, and can often start from mood swings, another untamed uncontrollable.  I guess the young feel like they got a hold on that, I mean they don’t have to worry about health, their bodies are still young.  Well it can catch up with anyone.  Even a young mind can have a mental or nervous breakdown.  Being upset is not healthy, it’s that simple.  Having a negative attitude all the time is even worst.  Also stop spreading the friction to the surrounding atmosphere, as well.  Like electromagnetic waves, we too send waves.  Oh, what, haven’t you heard?  Some metaphysical way “we’re all connected.”  PEACE


Author: Cosima

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