A perfect opponent to dilute the attractiveness, away from the fascination of the knowledge and wisdom prominently performing from your mind. For as much as the knowledge and wisdom may be needed in whatever position one is in, an opponent like arrogance can put the ugly in your seat. It brings with it, disrespect, exaltation, tactlessness, and an inability to be patient under pressure. It sat within the premise of your educational and mental development, growing with you, aside you, ready to be hurtful with your intellect as you are ready to perform it. There is only one it fears, “calm”.  There is nothing, absolutely nothing it can do in the presence of calm. Calm is very powerful.  Arrogance is not your friend. It is always ready and willing to show up at the simplest rumble of discomfort. It will fly through your throat and out of your mouth between the thoughts of your mind. Keep your calm.

Author: Cosima

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