Another Prayer

Though my number one prayer is the Lords prayer, I like to comfortably get a little more personal.

Yahweh, My Elohim, by the sacrifice-death, burial, and resurrection of Yahshua the Messiah, hear my prayer;

My Elohim, may your feet support the foundation of my stability in keeping you a living and active substantiation in my heart.

May your legs stand strong and powerful, supplying me with power and strength needed to hold on to faith and hope for family, friends, and those who seek for it from wherever it can nourish them for their soul sake, to believe the miracles of it all to be so.

Embrace me with the arms of your beauty of justice that I may humble myself not to judge, and to forgive the lack of the abilities in others who judge, not knowing from what length of rod of measure it takes for such worthiness.

With your mind, bless my lips to speak with wisdom and profound knowledge and understanding in the important things to say, for my ability to be slippery in darker ways without fail is ready to jerk me into its depth, and my words sometimes hurt while my attention is too scattered to catch myself.  Fix me so whatever is said will instill in someone positively, and in time of need it is understood to the fullest even if the increase is slow to come, and please father in heaven, at times my weaknesses for useless words, help me refrain my need to speak them at all to relieve myself from wasteful thinking.

With only a piece your heart gracious Yahweh, my ears hear much, and my eyes are big and grasp massively, please allow me to capture the beauty with the ugly, and with much needed patience, to perfectly define its proper sort.  Impulsive doesn’t grant the understanding that time offers with the increase of vision, so patience is relative. Grant me that, my Father in heaven and bear with me the times of my imperfections, for my heart means not to do evil, but carelessness and ignorance I sometimes find in me, and the pain of it afflicts my heart with such capacity, feeling as though I’ve tripped myself.  Oh how clever the evil, we being human walk with-in.  Doing wrong, not with purpose, or for reward but in simply responding to the nature it’s of.  Forgive me.






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