Angels In My Dreams

Angels in my dream
I’m having happy times
running through fresh fields
under a warm and shiny sun
there’s no danger I can feel
didn’t even cross my mind
I could only hear laughter
everyone’s having a great time
when I stopped to look around
another presence is what I found
I could feel it inside of me
all around me what I can’t see
It was bigger than the pasture, as
far as my eyes could take me
It was higher than the sky as if
it could touch the sun
It was stronger than the breeze
that cooled the heat on me
A loving presence I can’t see
but I could feel it’s love for me

Angels in my dream
I feel I’m where I want to be
feeling the way I love to feel
like the joy for life is free
In this dream I’m even restful
while there’s so much energy
having no taste for time
it’s as if I’m in eternity
I didn’t know I was dreaming
until I saw the Angels gleaming
I only knew how happy I was
can’t even describe how much
If this is like heaven I thank
the Angels that are with me
and I thank the presence that
is holding me securely and so dearly
I thank God for allowing his Angels
to visit me, in my dream

Author: Cosima

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